What you must know about magnetic lashes -2021

What you must know about magnetic lashes

If you have not used magnetic eyelashes before, you may have some questions. We have covered a lot of FAQs in the FAQ area below, but we want to clarify some misunderstandings about magnetic eyelashes. QunkinGo magnetic lashes have 12-micro magnets, You can customize the size to fit all eye shapes.

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Will magnetic lashes damage my own eyelashes?

If applied correctly, magnetic lashes shouldn’t harm your very own lashes. They stick to your eyelid, instead of your own lashes (unlike lash expansions or bunch lashes) so your very own lashes will stay safe and undamaged. The truth that QunKinGo Lashes don’t use adhesive indicates your lashes are also much less most likely to get harmed.

Are magnets safe to make use of near my eyes?

The magnets QunKinGo Lashes use are actually small, and also do not present a danger to any type of body past, including your eyes. The study shows no risks with long-term usage.

Are magnetic eyelashes easy to apply and use?

They truly are, every one of our lashes is supplied with really clear guidelines! They take just mins to apply, and can even be placed on with simply one hand. They’re a wonderful selection for individuals who have actually struggled to apply lashes with adhesive in the past.

I’m allergic to lash glue, can I still apply these?

We have actually had wonderful testimonials from consumers who haven’t had the ability to apply glue-on lashes in the past so even if you have actually dealt with glue-on lashes in the past, QunKinGo Lashes are different. The lashes attach magnets and magnetic eyeliner so no lash glue is included. Ensure to leave us a testimonial as well as let us know just how you proceed with magnetic lashes!

Can I use magnetic lashes if I wear contact lenses?

Yep! No more bother with glue entering into your eyes, or triggering discomfort when you put on contact lenses. Obviously, please make sure that you observe your usual contact lens hygiene and safety precautions.

Do I put on mascara with magnetic lashes?

We don’t recommend it if you’re choosing an extra natural look. Mascara can mix our lashes in with your own, however, please be encouraged that this might affect the durability of your lashes.

I’ve tried magnetic lashes in the past and found them hard to apply … why are your unlike?

With QunKinGo Lashes, you aren’t attempting to pair up top and bottom magnets that can be hard to get in the area. This held true with several of the very early magnetic lashes on the market that really did not get excellent testimonials. Our lashes use magnetic eyeliner and 12-micro magnets to keep in place all the time– this indicates that you don’t require to make use of another different item too. We have actually had lots of pleased customers who have actually stated just how simple they have actually found our lashes to use.

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Can I wear them with adhesive?

Absolutely not– if you apply QunKinGo Lashes making use of adhesive you could harm the magnets and also, you shouldn’t need to make use of glue to keep them in position. Our magnetic eyeliner and also lashes are wind-proof and water-proof. Bid farewell to glue once and for all!

Are QunKinGo Lashes cruelty-free?

100% yes. Our lashes are cruelty-free and suitable for vegans.

Can I make use of QunKinGo Lashes if I’ve experienced hair loss as a result of a medical problem?

Yes, you can! The lashes adhere to your eyelid rather than your own lashes, as well as the magnetic eyeliner holds them in place. we have actually had some amazing comments from our consumers who have used our lashes after shedding their very own.

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