How to remove and clean fake lashes

Eyelashes make one of the most significant impacts on our overall look, therefore all the cosmetics and also products that are made to extend, plump, and volumize our lashes. False lashes make our eyes look larger, more flirtatious and command a lot of attention! Though cosmetics are effective at highlighting lashes, they still fall brief in contrast to the remarkable impact that false lashes can provide. Once you experience the vivid impact of that extra length and also volume, it’ll be difficult to be satisfied with your normal make-up regimen.

As simple and easy as wearing fake lashes could appear, they do need correct care and also the right application techniques. You do not wish to be captured with a loosened eyelash or with just one hanging on at the end of the evening. But rest assured, QunKinGo false lashes are conveniently stayed clear of with accurate application and also should not be much of an issue. Below is our full overview on how to use and also care for your lashes step by step guid.

How to apply false eyelashes

  1. Prepare your lashes
  2. Pick up your lashes
  3. Measure the lashes
  4. Trim the lashes
  5. Apply the glue correctly
  6. Apply your lashes

For detailed methods of how to wearing false eyelashes, please read the previous article: How to apply false eyelashes for beginners – step by step guide

How to remove fake lashes

Nobody loves touching their eyes, however take off false lashes with tweezers, picking at them with your nails, or clamping as well as pulling with an eyelash curler can seriously damage your false lashes.

Lash Shampoo

We recommend using eyelash shampoo, lash shampoo is designed for dual use by lash professionals for cleaning natural  lashes as a part of preparations for eyelash extension service and by their clients for cleaning extensions as a part of aftercare routines and eye make-up removal.

Here’s the best way to take wooff your false lashes:

1. Use the lash shampoo to soften the adhesive.

Shake well the lash shampoo before use. Wash your hand. Remove contact lenses prior to use. Dispense 2 pumps onto clean fingertips. With eyes closed, gently rub onto eyelids & eyelashes. (Because this is a soap, do not get it in your eye and make sure rinse thoroughly with water.) 

2. Remove the lashes from your eye

Then grab the lashes band by the inner corner and carefully remove the lash from your eye, you never never want to pull the lashes from the hairs. QunKinGo lashes are hand made, so if you pull on the hairs of the lash you might dislodge them from the band and that wold be devastating to remove your lashes. You’ll want to start from the inner corner of the eye and you’ll want to only pull on the band not the hairs. carefully use your finger or gingernail to go under the band creating a little lift between the lash band and your skin,  use that lift touching only the band not holding any lash at all and that lash just came right off.

3. Store your eyelashes

once the lash off your eye, you’ll want to store them in the storage case that came with your QunKinGo lashes, this is why we give you such a beautiful high quality box, so that your lashes will have a home to live in when you’re not wearing them.

How to clean fake lashes

A very common question we get is should you clean the lashes after each wear and the answer to that is no, there’s no need to. when you’re ready to reuse this lash simply go back remove it from the tray and reapply it to your eye. There’s no need to wash them or ever get them wet with any kind of substance at all, no water, no alcohol, no oils, it’s not necessary.

You can put glue right over any residue of old glue and reapply it to your lash. I actually prefer it because once the lash has been worn, it keeps that shape of your eye, so every time you put it on it’s easier and easier to apply, because it’s already molded perfectly to your eye shape.

Now there’s one caveat to that, if this is your 15th wear or 20th wear, or even if it’s your fifth wear and you notice that there are some chunks of glue on the band, you will want to remove those, all you need to do that is to use your fingernails or tweezers and carefully just pull that little piece of glue off, that’s all you need to do.

one other caveat I’m gonna mention is if you apply a lot of mascara on your falsies, you might fine some clumps of mascara on the falsies themselves that you want to remove in order to do that, we recommend getting a clean mascara spoolie, and if you see any clumps of mascara on the lash gently use the spoolie to brush it right off.

Well, it’s that easy guys to remove your lashes if you use a lash adhesive like the QunKinGo lashes, he civil quickly and easily peel right off causing no damage to your skin or your own lashes, then you’ll just want to store them carefully in there QunKinGo lashes box, where they will live till the next time you’re ready to put them on.

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